Sprout Charity is a non-governmental organization located in Nairobi, Kenya. Our passion lies in changing the lives of needy communities across Kenya.

Through our projects, we aim to put a smile across the faces of different people by alleviating their suffering.

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All the projects/ programs we undertake are involving and occasionally we find that we need human resource to help us in delivering our programs. You can participate by availing yourself and volunteering to be part of us. There are millions of people who needs hope from us


Sprout accepts monetary donations which will help in funding projects. Aside from this, you can support us by donating clothes or food items as these will go a long way in helping people. We also invite input in form of ideas or one can help us to impart skills to the community.

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You can support us by buying a merchandise here on our website. The money raised by buying merchandise is used to fund our projects/programs. All payments can be made via Mpesa mobile money or credit card/debit card. Thank you for supporting our charity.God bless.

For The Happiness
of Others

Proverbs 19:17

We are committed to eradicate human suffering through our programs that are mainly on donating food,clothings, household items,house renovation and medical assistance.We accept donations in both kind and monetary.


Sprout Charity was founded in 2020 with the sole aim of changing the lives of the community positively, through different projects.

We distribute food care packages to vulnerable communities every 3months. Currently we are working with families in Korogocho, Kariobangi but aim to spread this to other areas.

Sprout is currently working on a project for distributing sanitary
towels to vulnerable girls and empowering them. Many girls within communities are susceptible to torture and early pregnancies due to poverty. Sprout aims to give hope by showing these girls that they can make it out there.

The boy child undergoes many challenges which they cannot speak about. As Sprout, the aim is to show boys that there is a lot they can do to make their lives better,and they do not have to get into drugs and gangs. By empowering through business skills, the
boy child can have a bright future.

The poor in society have lost hope and sometimes lack the skills they need to make a difference. Sprout aims to hold business forums where lessons will be taught and skills imparted. By changing the mindsets of people that all is not list and encouraging them to take up skills, better communities and lives can be built overtime.

Sprout also offers guidance and counselling services to individuals
within the community. This enables the community members to deal with any issues that may be preventing them from moving forward.

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